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Our mission is to establish smarter solutions to make data driven decisions, to support marketing teams to excel using own data more efficient.

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Tanto Media is a digital agency providing efficient solutions to increase sales and growth for leading brands. Our specialty is to understand our clients challenges, test, learn and improve.  This includes optimization of creatives, channels and path to conversion.


Personalization solutions gives advertisers best-in class, real-time analytics and segmentation, that also enables the site to use this data in real time. To target visitors with personalized content and offers to improve revenue per visit and customer loyalty.


To grow beyond, we support you to use your own data to find new prospects, looking for similar audiences to the existing customer base and to spend your media budget most efficient. Using data driven optimization will target users that are most relevant to engage. 


Reach consumers through strong direct response media channels. Used with our support, this will both refill your upper funnel with premium prospects and also drive direct conversions.

Run successful branding campaigns reaching an affluent audience with 30% higher income than the average citizen.

for ecommerce

OUR TEAM can help identify behavior and deliver incremental conversions by targeting users who would otherwise bounce.

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With strong partnerships we share expertise and support when it's needed the most. With the ever changing landscape, the need for a strong partner has never been greater.